Arigna Mining Experience

The Arigna Mining Experience Centre was developed to preserve the energy heritage of the Arigna Valley and to ensure that Arigna maintains its link with Energy themes: Past, Present & Future. This Centre provides visitors with a unique insight into what coal mining life was like in the Arigna Valley, since its beginning in the 1700′s until closure in 1990.

Underground Experience During the underground tour, visitors will experience what it was like to work in some of the narrowest coal seams in the western world.  The tour, which lasts 45 minutes brings visitors to the mines coalface where the methods used to extract the coal are demonstrated.  All tour guides in the centre are former miners in the Arigna mines and throughout the tour lighting and sound effects add to the reality of the experience.  The tour is enjoyed by all visitor to the centre and guests staying at Riverhaven always return with positive reviews.

Exhibition Space Local geology and the formation of coal deposits are explained in the exhibition area of the Arigna Mining Centre, as is the history of energy production.  The exhibition also explains the concepts and operation of different renewable energy systems and some of these systems can then be viewed in operation in the Energy Centre Building, in the energy playground, and on the nearby wind farms.

A history tour presents the origins and history of the Arigna coal mines.  It explores its impact on the local community, through a photo gallery & displays.  The Renewable Energy Demonstrations can be viewed on site in the Centre, while the wind farms can be seen on the nearby Kilronan Mountain.

A 10% discount on all admissions to the Arigna Mining Centre can be enjoyed by guests staying at Riverhaven and more information on the centre can be found at