Working Farm at Riverhaven

Riverhaven Log Cabins are situated on a working farm of 53 Acres.  The Burke family also own a 35 Acre for situated 2 km away.  John Burke is a ” Host Farmer” where farm students studying for their “Certificate in Agriculture” carry out practical training for a period of 12 weeks as part of their training.  

Farming at Riverhaven is mainly comprised of the cultivation of dry-stock beef animals.  Six/nine month old weanling bull calves are bough into the farm from local cattle marts each Autumn/Spring.  These cattle are fed on pasture during summer months until Novembery and then housed until the following April.  Depending on performance and weights they are then either sold in the mart or turned out to pasture for further feeding until sale in September.

Due to careful handling at all times animals at Riverhaven farm are always calm and visitors love to wander alongside the beef stock fields taking photographs of the cattle.  We also have a beautiful Connemara pony called “Misty”.  Misty is really friendly and most popular with children.  She is fed daily with grain ration and she loves to be groomed.  Misty will not be satisfied unless she gets her daily desert of carrots and a slice of toast.  Visitors really love to come visit and spoil Misty.

There is always some interesting activity on the farm such as silage cutting and baling, moving cattle to new pastures, dosing cattle and routine disease testing.  From time to time visitors enjoy watching and photographing this farm activity.